What is Puzzlopia?

Puzzlopia wants to be the social network for puzzle players, occupying the gap left by other game sites that aren't social networks, are based on flash games or simply don't have good casual games.

Why are we different?

  1. 1. We use a technology that allows our games to be played on any device (we don't use flash, so our site is more secure).
  2. 2. We create casual games, specially logic games, both for kids and for adults.
  3. 3. We add the social side of games: you still solve your own puzzles, but you can share your results and follow your friends.

How does it work?

All puzzles are free to play. Most of them require you to register as a free member, but you can play many others without login. Then there are games that you cannot play until you reach a certain level of experience (you need to play within a session to gain experience and save results).

We, of course, encourage you to register for free, because you can enjoy an augmented experience, socialize with your friends and access to more puzzle games.

Who creates the puzzle games?

Most come from Puzzlopia's founder, Edgar Weto. He enjoys designing and developing new brain teasers. But there are excellent collaborators, like Alexey Nigin, Peter Karpov or Neil Bickford among others. Thank them all!

Do you want to collaborate?


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