8 Free online puzzles to play this month

This month I've been colleting several interesting online puzzles, let's check them out!

1. ColorTrek

This game is really well done. You have to move a piece (resembling the peace symbol) that accumulates up to three states. These states (colors) are enablers to enter to adjacent colored squares. The objective is to reach the star.

Instructions are maybe difficult to grasp at first, but as soon as you start to play they become clear. It has plenty of levels with increasing difficulty. Hard levels are not easy so if you are masochist, this brain teaser is for you.

Creators, Vandenmars, have done an exercise of perfectionism with an impeccable user experience; the user interface runs truly and surprisingly smooth. It won't deceive you!

Play ColorTrek brain teaser
ColorTrek is played on a 4x4 grid that mixes paths and colors.
ColorTrek: reach the star by collecting the correct colors.

2. Zig

One very simple puzzle for kids, where you have to find two paths where the sum of numbers in cells are minimal and maximal, respectively. Maybe it needs to work a bit more the user interface because it is not clear whether you are solving the game or not, and it should be more clear that you are creating paths. Also it would be more attractive with more numbers and a more ellaborated mechanics.

Play Zig online
Zig consists of a 3x3 grid with numbers.
Zig: Connect two opposite corners optimally.

3. Neutralizator

Yep, this is one of my last puzzles here at puzzlopia. It turs out that it started as an experiment after watching a video from Numberphile about a math problem involving pebbles and an infinite chessboard. The problem was an escape from prison style and it was impossible to solve. But the mechanics of the game was compelling so I decided to try some variations. And then the brain teaser was well received by the community.

It consists of a chessboard with two initial pieces at opposite corners. These pieces are cloned when clicked, and the replicants are placed next to the original, depending on their sign: positive clones go up and right, negative clones go down and left. When two opposite clones meet at the same cell, they cancel each other. The objective is to cancel all pieces.

Play Neutralizator puzzle
Capture of Neutralizator gameplay: the grid is partially full of clones.
Neutralizator: Keep cloning particles until the chessboard is empty.

4. Hex FRVR

This is an impressive indie brain teaser developed by Chris Benjaminsen. It has really simple instructions and crystal clear logics, which makes this game a pleasure to play with (similar to Tetris). It consists of an hexagonal board made of 61 mini-hexagons. There is a constant feed of pieces and there are always three to pick. Then you have to drag and drop them on the board and you score by creating full lines in any of the grid primary directions. It is an addictive challenge, very fun and really well finished!

Play Hex FRVR puzzle
Capture of the gameplay with several pieces on the hex board.
Hex FRVR: Just drag and drop pieces to complete lines on the hex board.

5. Peg Solitaire

This is classical well-known brain teaser. The mechanics is called single survivor problem: initially the board is full of pegs and the objective is to remove all pieces except one. A peg is removed with jump moves: a peg can jump over other peg if the adjacent position is free. It comes with several options, including four board variations. The game, as well as the web application, are very straightforward, however the game interface could be improved visually because it looks a little outdated.

Play Peg solitaire puzzle
This version consists of a 5-triangular grid.
Peg Solitaire played on a triangular grid.

6. Chain reaction

A rather basic game where you have to click at the right time in order to create the longest chain reaction. It is essentially based on observation skills and luck, you don't need to think because of the absence of logical mechanics. Try to click where you think most of the balls are going to meet. Simple, but addictive! Maybe you can ask its creator, Yvo Schaap, to add more features. By the way, you will find some quite cool projects on its site.

Play Chain reaction puzzle
In this capture you can not perceive that all small balls are moving.
Chain reaction: balls must hit the current reaction area in order to create the chain.

7. Magnetic

This example is not a puzzle but an online experiment. You can play around with magnetic-like behavior of a particle system. Maybe it should be called Gravity because it seems that all dynamics is only due to an attractive law. Quite bibulous, though! It could be a catchy base for a real brain teaser.

View Magnetic experiment
Capture of several particles orbiting around a couple of centers.
You can add more centers of attraction by clicking on screen.

8. IsoBall

This last puzzle is a flash game (sorry), but it is an engaging game. It starts very easy, but still fun because you feel like you are creating buildings with blocks. Then it gets unexpectedly complicated (not hard, but is not as easy as it seems). As you complete levels, new types of pieces arise so diversion is guaranteed.

Play IsoBall puzzle
Isometric view of a red ball that must be guided to a hole.
IsoBall: guide the ball to the hole by creating iso-tracks.

Do you know other great free online puzzle games? Do you want to submit a small review of your online brain teaser? Let me know!

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