Review of puzzle Cast News

4 stars

A beautiful mindblowing brain teaser.

Cast News is an Hanayama physical puzzle created by Nob Yoshigahara, consisting of two interlocked pieces. The objective is to take them apart.

Once removed, it is easy to reassemble them. I want to highlight that its two pieces cannot move: they are truly locked. (Impossible! You say, or should say). This causes delightful concern among puzzle lovers.

    The brain teaser in closed form
    The brain teaser unsolved.
    The brain teaser in open form, pieces have been taken apart.
    The brain teaser solved, pieces taken apart.

Although it seems irresolvable, it has, surprisingly, more than one solution. When I was given it as a gift, I was wondering how could it exist such a brain teaser. Apparently, its two pieces interlocked in an octogonal shape seem to form an irresolvable brain teaser, which makes it a four star brain teaser.

No movement is possible, so: What can you do when you can't do anything?

The only thing I was able to do was to move the brain teaser around and just continue to be fascinated! That magic is not present at other famous brain teasers such as Rubik's Cube, for example.

Once you open it, you will understand better how it works. Don't fool yourself: this two part brain teaser has a little ingenious mechanism inside each piece for the interlocking to happen. There's no trick.

Puzzle profile

  • Design 5
    Perfect octagon, copper like, heavy
  • Originality 5
    Full locked puzzle!
  • Finish 4
    Superb gothic letters, metallic touch, tiny gap
  • Entertainment 3
    Once solved, interest lost
  • Handling 5
    Like a stone in hand
  • Difficulty 2
    Happy idea or small deep insight

Fits perfectly in hand and is absolutely easy to handle it. The metallic material is a good choice since it transmits a sharp idea of a strongly locked object. I love the balanced weight and robustness, though locked position has a small gap of about a millimeter. Forgiven. The imprinted gothic letters reinforce that idea of magically impossible puzzle. Only decorative, but spot on.

The solution could be classified as happy idea: an idea that hits you while you are washing dishes, for example. But you can try to deduce the internal mechanism with deep insight.

Relax and focus on its tiny sounds, you can feel as if you were opening a safe-deposit box.

This brain teaser bases its difficulty in the unknowingness of its internal mechanism and the lack of movements. In contrast, Rubik's Cube has no mysteries: you know how to manipulate and perform all movements, yet it is really hard to solve (you get lost easily). That's why I think this octogonal puzzle is not that hard. Sellers and other webs will tell you that New Cast is one of the hardest puzzles they have. I don't think so, but you can get an idea of the difficulty by trying it by yourself!

Finally, once solved you can place this small jewel so that friends can see it. You will enjoy while they try to solve!

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