Review of Monument Valley App

4.5 / 5 stars

An elegant, pleasant puzzle adventure.

It is a must to have played to Monument Valley App. Created by Ustwo, it is an award winning brain teaser based on Escher-impossible worlds.

    Monument Valley App: Main character
    Monument Valley's main character: princess Ida
    Monument Valley App: Impossible architecture
    Impossible architecture

This is a delicate video game, done with love, showing that a brain teaser can be an adventure where you can dream while you solve delightful problems.

Wonderful adventure inside impossible worlds.

It consists of ten levels (or chapters as the say), with increasing difficulty. None of them is hard to solve, but all are equally entertaining.

In each chapter, the main character, princess Ida, has an objective and you need to solve several problems in order to reach it. In this magical adventure, you will visit amazing impossible architectures. Not only that: you will have to interact with these visually impossible objects and this is the most astounding part of the game.

Puzzle profile

  • Design 5
    Magically impossible architecture
  • Originality 4
    Uses isometric impressively
  • Finish 5
    Runs smoothly, zero problems.
  • Entertainment 4
    Lacks a bit of interaction
  • Handling 5
    Terribly easy, well designed
  • Difficulty 2
    Soft problems, mainly visual

For those of you who played it (and solved all its chapters), there are 8 more chapters, 'Monument Valley: Forgotten Shores', which are an add-on expansion rather than a sequel.

Once solved, you can wait for a couple of months and play again. And when you know all the tricks, you can visit Regolo Bizzi's gallery or our collection of geometry at pinterest to find inspiration while you wait for Monument Valley's new chapters.

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