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We've made some changes: now you can see puzzles that are playable only for logged users even if you didn't log in. We still want to keep some mystery so, besides public puzzles, we only show those that you will be able to play with a simple login.


This means that there are even more puzzles not shown. You could reach them, but to play and solve one of those brain teasers you are going to need some experience points. So you need to play and solve as many puzzles as you can.

But don't worry: we are working on new public puzzles constantly. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, keep on playing puzzles!

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Comments (3)
  • · 2 years ago

    Hola Edgar, Un Ojo se puede resolver en 26 movimientos..saludos

    • · 2 years ago

      Genial descubrimiento! Actualizaré el rompecabezas para que acepte una solución mejorada; así si lo resuelves con 26 movimientos obtienes premio. Saludos!

    • · 2 years ago


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