Conduct Guidelines

Whilst in puzzlopia, please respect this short list of rules. The aim is to guide the community towards a more comfortable experience for all.
  • 1. Do you want to have fun?
    Perfect! This is why we are here: play, solve braingames and share your experience with your friends. To challenge yourself and your friends everyday, to share your results and check your progress, enjoy puzzlopia.
  • 2. There’s no need to cheat
    You don’t have to cheat in the social network. You can get everything you need and want by yourself. This is our mission. It’s not easy to get puzzlopia to work: servers, programs, tests, design and a lot more need to be perfectly balanced. Please, don’t try and break it.
  • 3. Hacking won’t get you very far...
    You have technical skills that few people have and you want the world to know, which is perfectly valid. But what if, instead of hacking, you create a game? This is the real challenge: put others to the test! Put them in jeopardy in a fair way.
  • 4. Your account is your responsibility
    There’s no merit in choosing an offensive username, rather it reflects some personal problema that hasn’t been addressed. Please come to puzzlopia to have fun, not to be a nuisance. You can be admired and followed or you can be ignored, it’s up to you.
  • 5. No spam
    You can post comments with external links, but if you send spam or links to inappropriate material (like pornography), we will take action.
  • 6. Be a source of inspiration
    The majority of people come to puzzlopia to play. Great. But we’d like a bit more from you. We’d love you to be a model for the other members to follow. By doing so, you will help the community to to grow exponentially. That will be our greatest reward!