• Instructions

    • Objective
      Move the white knight to the yellow square on the right. In this maze you are not allowed to capture opponent pieces, neither you can be captured. So you have to travel around and find a path to the objective position.
      Puzzle’s objective status
    • How to play
      Click directly on the position you want the piece to be placed. Only valid positions are accepted.
    • Best scoring
      This second chess maze is not as easy as the first one, but it is also straightforward. It requires 23 steps to be solved, but, as an additional challenge, you can try to solve it with more steps!
  • Credits

    • Info

      Chess Maze II v. 1.0

      Chess Maze II distribution: one player's white Knight, opponent: three Knights, two Bishops, one Rook.

      Brain and Puzzle

      0 (Free)

      Chrome, Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Safari, Opera

    • License
      Creative Commons License Icon
    • Original idea
      Peter Karpov, computer scientist with interests in metaheuristic and bioinspired algorithms.
    • Author(s)
    • Programmer(s)
    • Designer(s)
    • Sound
    • Components
      Pixijs, puzzlopiajs
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