• Instructions

    • Objective
      Move pieces until colors from both layers match.
      Puzzle’s objective status
    • How to play
      Drag each piece to move. There are two layers, one on top of the other. You can move all pieces on top layer at any moment, but you can only move bottom pieces that are uncovered by top pieces.
    • Best scoring
      The less movements, the better the results. Prize is independent from score: if you solve the puzzle for the first time, you win the contest!
  • Credits

    • Info

      Discobolus v. 1.0

      Main view of the puzzle Discobolus (contest over!)

      Brain and Puzzle

      0 (Free)

      Chrome, Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Safari, Opera

    • License
      Creative Commons License Icon
    • Original idea
      An evolution of Overlapping-16. This is a combination of two Sliding Blocks Puzzles, but we are experimenting with more designs. Do you have your own design? Share it!
    • Author(s)
    • Graphics
      Claire K.
    • Sound
    • Translation
      Catherine S.
    • Components
      Pixijs, puzzlopiajs, giphy
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