• Instructions

    • Objective
      Exchange red pieces with blue pieces and leave central square empty.
      Puzzle’s objective status
    • How to play
      Drag each piece to move. The segment walls limit the pieces' movements, so if you want to solve it optimally and appear on the leaderboards you will have to think.
    • Best scoring
      The less movements, the better the results.
  • Credits

    • Info

      Exchange 24 v. 1.0

      A 5x5 board with 12 blue pieces at top-left and 12 red pieces at bottom-right. Central square is empty.

      Brain and Puzzle

      0 (Free)

      Chrome, Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Safari, Opera

    • Original idea
      It is a simplification of the The 24 soldiers puzzle created by Alexey Nigin.
    • Author(s)
    • Designer(s)
    • Sound
    • Translation
      Catherine S.
    • Components
      Pixijs, puzzlopiajs
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