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      Puzzle’s objective status
    • Instructions

      • Objective
        Pair the pieces with the same color, no matter the final position of each pair.
        Puzzle’s objective status
      • How to play
        Drag each piece to move. Pieces with a hole are on top, pieces with the dot are at bottom and can only be moved if not covered by other piece. Believe it or not, can be done in just 16 moves.
      • Best scoring
        The less movements, the better the results.
    • Credits

      • Info

        Overlapped-16 v. 1.0

        Main view of the puzzle Overlapping 16

        Brain and Puzzle

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        Chrome, Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Safari, Opera

      • License
        Creative Commons License Icon
      • Original idea
        Edgar Güeto. This is a remake of the 'Superposicion-16' puzzle present at a previous version of puzzlopia, back in the 2011's.
      • Programmer(s)
      • Sound
      • Translation
        Catherine S.
      • Components
        Pixijs, puzzlopiajs
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