• Instructions

    • Objective
      Place the tiles in order.
      Puzzle’s objective status
    • How to play
      Drag each piece to move.
    • Hint
      For any initial configuration, you will need a max of 208 moves (God's Number)
  • Credits

    • Info

      24 Puzzle v. 1.0

      Main view of the puzzle 24 Puzzle

      Brain and Puzzle

      0 (Free)

      Chrome, Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Safari, Opera

    • License
      Creative Commons License Icon
    • Original idea
      Generalization of Noyes Palmer Chapman's 15 puzzle
    • Programmer(s)
      Edgar Güeto
    • Designer(s)
      Daniel R.
    • Sound
    • Translation
      Catherine S.
    • Components
      Pixijs, puzzlopiajs
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